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A Safer Tile Roof Cleaning Experience

People with a history of living in homes with tile roofing systems are likely familiar with the regular care routine. While many choose to pressure or power wash their roofs regularly out of routine, others prefer the to take a safer approach when they choose softwashing services. Our low-pressure chemical cleaning solution works to treat bacterial growths without degrading the tiles. We avoid pressure washing methods because of the high risk of tile cracking and breaking. You can rest easy knowing our expertise and safer softwash process will provide a risk-free tile roof cleaning experience every time.


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Refresh Your Curb Appeal With a Clean Roof

The importance of keeping up with curb appeal shouldn’t be underestimated. A home’s value can be highly impacted by an eyesore of a roof, so taking care of dirt and discoloration is important upkeep. Many homeowners recognize visually when it is time for tile roof cleaning services, but they don’t know realize the roof dirt or discoloration is caused by a roof staining algae known as gloeocapsa magma. When the algae grows, it leaves behind unattractive black streaks that can rapidly spread and cause the whole roof to look dark and dingy. Prevent your home from algae growth and unappealing stains with regular tile roof softwash services.

Restore your home to its original appeal with softwashing, the environmentally friendly choice to pressure washing!

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Why SoftWashing Beats Pressure Washing Every Time

No pressure damage from harmful, high-impact cleaning

Uses less water per square foot than pressure washing

Lasts 4-6 times longer than pressure washing

Compound used is biodegradable and healthy for plants

Attacks stain-causing infestations and growths at the source

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St. Pete SoftWash Can Rejuvinate Your Roof

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Algae growing on your roof can diminish the aesthetic appeal of your home, aging it and decreasing its value. Our experts will treat your tile roof, bringing it back to life and improving curb appeal instantly. Reach out to to St. Pete SoftWash today – your safest bet for tile roof cleaning solutions in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo and the surrounding areas.


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