St. Pete SoftWash did an excellent job cleaning my home! The roof looks brand new and my home’s exterior is bright and shiny. I’m so glad I decided to go with softwashing versus pressure washing. Chris came out to give me an estimate the same day I reached out and he gave me a very fair price. St. Pete SoftWash is worth every penny and I am eager to recommend them to my friends and family.
Brian R.


Commercial & Residential Services

Roof Cleaning

Get rid of awful discoloration from your roofing system to enhance your residence’s appearance, and also prolong the life of your roof covering. Soft Washing also provides health advantages for your household by eliminating irritants bordering your home that cause allergic reactions.

Why Clean your Roof?

  1. Energy Efficiency – With an algae infestation your roof absorbs more heat from the sunlight and traps it in your attic. The heat is radiated into your air conditioning ducts making you’re a/c work harder and less efficiently. That costs you more money in the long run. Having your roof cleaned safely will allow your roof to do what it was designed to do and reflect more of the sunlight, ultimately lowering your energy bill and increasing your a/c’s efficiency.
  2. Extended Roof Life– An average shingle roof is designed to last 30 years. Unfortunately, most people only get half that because they are unaware of the maintenance required to see its full lifespan. Having your roof cleaned periodically can help your roof see its maximum intended service life.
  3. Insurance Requirements – Did you know that some insurance companies are threating cancellation or non-renewals over dirty roofs? Check it out!
  4. HOA/POA Requirements – Many HOA/POA’s require periodic roof cleanings. If not done within the given time frame, they will choose a contractor to provide service and bill you for it. How will this contractor treat your property? Will they walk all over your roof and cause damage? Will they use a pressure washer? Can you trust the people they send to your home? Will they warranty their work? DON’T GET STUCK WITH A CONTRACTOR YOU DIDN’T CHOOSE!
  5. Aesthetics – Nothing beats the look of a professionally-maintained home and nothing keeps that fresh look longer than a professionally softwashed home. Soft Washing safely and effectively removes unwanted dirt, grime, and algae growth leaving you with a home that looks new again. Whether you are in need of routine maintenance, wanting to brighten up a fixer-upper, or putting a home on the market, we have just the services you need.

House Washing

Similar to your roof covering, your house’s exterior wall surfaces can become blemished. With Soft Washing, your paint colors sharpen, garage doors glow, and window and doorframes shine.

Concrete & Brick Cleaning

Boost your visual appeal by getting rid of the dust, dirt, rust, grime, grease, oil and various other kinds of spots that could build up on your sidewalk, concrete driveway, patio, pool deck or porch.

Fence Cleaning

Sunlight exposure and climate condition take a toll on your fencing. Bring your fence back to its original beauty with our specialized cleansing procedure. This service cleans all kinds of fencings consisting of wood, vinyl, brick, or synthetic. An excellent cleaning with the right approach will leave you thankful you did not take on the expense of completely replacing your fence.

Screen Enclosure Cleaning

Screen enclosures enable you to bring the outdoors in without fretting about insects and other pests getting in. However, they can definitely become unclean with the accumulation of dust, dirt, plants and pests. Get your screen enclosure back to its peak efficiency as well as appearance.

Exterior Window Washing

Don’t forget about your windows! Easily get rid of rain spots, dust, and dirt and enjoy crystal clear windows with no streaking or spotting. We also clean skylights!

Awning Cleaning

Awnings and shades are extremely susceptible to collecting dirt, bacteria and algae, as well as weather exposure. An appropriate cleaning can bring your awning back to life whether it is vinyl, fabric, metal, or another kind of material.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters make certain that water is funneled far from your residence. Cleaning your gutters stops water from building up around its foundation, perhaps creating damage or permeating inside.

Soft Washing

Soft Washing is the alternative to power washing as it utilizes water-based, naturally degradable chemicals that wipe out dirt and grime. It disinfects the surface area and kills mold mildew, algae, and bacteria. Soft Washing uses just one-third the water of pressure washing, lasts 4 to 6 times longer and does not wear down the surface area like power washing typically can.

Patio & Deck Cleaning

While several composite decks and patio area brand names promote being “maintenance-free,” they can start to accumulate dirt, crud, algae, and mold externally. The very same can be said for various other product patios or decks, such as timber or concrete. Get rid of that accumulation and restore your patio or deck back to immaculate condition so you can get back to enjoying it.

Driveway Cleaning

Whether your driveway is concrete, brick, or stone, it can still be prone to the same black or green dirt, mold, and mildew that can be found on various other surfaces or your home. Cleaning your driveway regularly is an excellent way to improve visual appeal, as well as reduce the quantity of dirt entering your residence.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Too much built-up dirt can possibly obstruct sunlight as well and minimize efficiency. Enhance the performance of your solar panels by removing dirt, dust, and other particles with routine cleansing.

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